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Jim Lopez is an entrepreneur, pest control expert and owner of Pinnacle Pest Control, a full-service pest control company serving the Greater Sacramento region. After working as a termite inspector and general manager for a national pest control company, Jim launched Pinnacle in 1998 and has since grown the company to nearly $3 million in annual sales. He holds a business degree from California State University-Sacramento with a concentration in marketing.

Don’t Pick Up Bed Bugs on Summer Vacation

Posted by: Jim Lopez|25 Jun 2015

With the kids out of school and summer vacation in full swing, many of us are packing bags and making our travel plans. With the recent resurgence of bed bugs in the United States, here are a few precautions you … Continue reading

Wolf Spider Bite Not Poisonous But Painful

Posted by: Jim Lopez|25 Jun 2015

While the most dangerous spider in our Sacramento pest control region is the Black Widow, several other common spiders are prone to invade our homes, particularly as the summer weather heats up. Most household spiders don’t have mouth parts large … Continue reading

Watch Your Step! Yellowjacket Stings Are Hidden Danger

Posted by: Jim Lopez|25 Jun 2015

You’re out doing a little yard work when, out of the blue, you are attacked by a swarm of yellowjacket wasps. You didn’t know it, but you inadvertently disturbed an underground yellowjacket nest. Ouch! With the Sacramento summer well underway … Continue reading

Tiny Argentine Ants Add Up To Big Trouble

Posted by: Jim Lopez|26 May 2015

Once the thermometer begins to climb to the high 80s and 90s in our Greater Sacramento pest control region, ant season will have arrived. Ants are not only one of the most common nuisances to homeowners, who may find them … Continue reading

Avoid Wasp Infestations This Summer

Posted by: Jim Lopez|19 May 2015

Britons are gearing up for a serious invasion by wasps. “Colder winters often mean there are more wasps around the following summer as mated queens spend the period deep in hibernation,” explains. Although the U.K. is expecting wasps in … Continue reading

The Household Pests That Endanger Your Health

Posted by: Jim Lopez|19 May 2015

A recent scientific discovery is not for the fainthearted. Cockroaches have been around for millions and millions of years, and apparently ancient cockroaches were much larger, comparable in size to the modern-day praying mantis. That means, if you were alive … Continue reading

Career Opportunity: Pest & Termite Control Sales Inspector (Sacramento / Stockton)

Posted by: Jim Lopez|15 May 2015

Join the Greater Sacramento region’s fastest growing pest control company! We’re looking for outstanding candidates to be part of our Pinnacle Pest Control team! Pinnacle Pest Control, Inc, a growing pest control company, is seeking aggressive and self motivated individuals … Continue reading

Why Pest Control Isn’t a DIY Kind of Project

Posted by: Jim Lopez|14 May 2015

There are plenty of fun and interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for homeowners during the spring time, from giving your walls a fresh coat of paint to revamping your landscaping. However, even if you’re the most adventurous or skilled DIY-er, some … Continue reading

How a Local Pest Control Company Can Help Save Your Time, Money, and Health

Posted by: Jim Lopez|13 May 2015

Whether you’re a homeowner, a small business owner, a landlord, or a property manager, unwanted guests can be difficult to get rid of. Of course, if those guests are people, you can politely ask them to leave in most instances. … Continue reading

Termite Infestations: The Hidden Danger That Lies Beneath the Surface

Posted by: Jim Lopez|08 May 2015

As a homeowner, you do everything in your power to protect your family, which means ensuring your home is safe and secure. However, while you may be concerned about protecting your home from the outside-in, you should also be concerned … Continue reading