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Career Opportunity: Pest & Termite Control Sales Inspector (Sacramento / Stockton)

Posted by: Jim Lopez|15 May 2015

Join the Greater Sacramento region’s fastest growing pest control company! We’re looking for outstanding candidates to be part of our Pinnacle Pest Control team! Pinnacle Pest Control, Inc, a growing pest control company, is seeking aggressive and self motivated individuals … Continue reading

Why Pest Control Isn’t a DIY Kind of Project

Posted by: Jim Lopez|14 May 2015

There are plenty of fun and interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for homeowners during the spring time, from giving your walls a fresh coat of paint to revamping your landscaping. However, even if you’re the most adventurous or skilled DIY-er, some … Continue reading

Termite Infestations: The Hidden Danger That Lies Beneath the Surface

Posted by: Jim Lopez|08 May 2015

As a homeowner, you do everything in your power to protect your family, which means ensuring your home is safe and secure. However, while you may be concerned about protecting your home from the outside-in, you should also be concerned … Continue reading

What Kind of Bug Is That?

Posted by: Jim Lopez|16 Apr 2015

At Pinnacle Pest Control we take pride in our ability to identify the type of bug that is bugging you. It’s important to be able to distinguish between a beneficial bug—one that’s good for the environment and agriculture—and a destructive … Continue reading

Have humans helped produce a super termite?

Posted by: Jim Lopez|16 Apr 2015

A new study published in the science journal Plos One suggests that human activity may have unintentionally caused the creation of a destructive hybrid termite. In their research article Hybridization of Two Major Termite Invaders as a Consequence of Human Activity, the University of … Continue reading

A Guide to Termite Control for New Homeowners

Posted by: Jim Lopez|26 Mar 2015

If you’ve recently bought a house — especially an older one, though any house may be affected — then you need to know about termite control. If you’re going to protect your investment in your property, it’s important that you … Continue reading

Orange oil Offers Eco-friendly Remedy for Sacramento Valley Drywood Termites

Posted by: Jim Lopez|17 Mar 2015

The first indication a home or property may have a termite problem is when the homeowner notices a springtime swarm of termites. In our north-central California pest control region, the two types of termites responsible for most property damage are … Continue reading

Termite Season Reveals Costly Hidden Damage

Posted by: Jim Lopez|17 Mar 2015

Every year about this time, the phone starts ringing in the Pinnacle Pest Control office with requests for termite home inspections and sometimes reports of swarms. The subterranean termite species most common in our Sacramento region causes extensive damage that … Continue reading

Early Spring May Mean Early Termite Swarms

Posted by: Jim Lopez|17 Feb 2015

The unseasonably warm weather we are having in Sacramento and Northern California has tricked lots of plants and trees into an early bloom, from daffodils to almonds. Such springlike weather may also mean another, less attractive early season—namely termite swarms. … Continue reading

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