Can you DIY Rodent Control?

Rodent in a trap

For many homeowners being part of the growing DIY community is a matter of pride.  Homeowners like to showoff the things around the house they have made, fixed, upgraded, painted, or even ripped out.  For many projects, all you need is access to a YouTube video and a hardware store.  The results might look less than professional, but it can be more than made up for with a feeling of, “I did that!”

For some projects and chores, your best bet is always going to be to call a professional.  Rodent Control is an area where you need someone with expertise because anything less than perfect is as good as a “fail.”

The issue with DIY Rodent Control is that Rats can get into your home through space the size of a quarter, so even if you have the best of intentions, if you miss a single possible entry point, all of your DIY time, money, and effort will be for nothing.  Here are some reasons you should save your DIY for painting the den and leave Rodent Control to Pinnacle Pest Control.

You Don’t Want to Deal with Poison

The first thing people think of with rodent control is rat poison.  While the stuff you can get in the hardware store is sufficiently toxic, you have to know how to handle these chemicals, or you can be putting yourself, your family, and your household pets in danger.

You also need to know how and where to apply any chemicals.  You can’t just “spray and pray.”  You have to be extremely careful when dealing with any chemicals.  Misuse is not only dangerous but illegal.

The CDC Recommends Against the use of Live Traps or Glue Traps

Traps are another common form of DIY Rodent Control.  Traps are a common form of preventative control.  However, if you have an active rat infestation, you may have more rats than traps, so even if you catch one or two, you have no idea how many you have remaining.

Another issue is that some people wish to remain humane and use live traps even when it comes to rats.  The issue with live traps and other types of traps like Glue traps is that when a rodent is trapped or frightened, they urinate.  Rodent urine is a vector for many of the viruses and illnesses carried by rats.

You may have caught a rodent, but you increased the risk to your health.

Rat Repellants have Questionable Effectiveness.

Stores are loaded with devices that promise to keep the rodents away from your home and family. The problem is that most of these products have limited or even no effectiveness at all.  Some products produce a high-frequency sound that is supposed to repel rodents.  Sounds easy, plus, no rodenticide.  Great! Right?  Not so much.  Lab results cannot produce the results that the manufacturers claim.  And that’s in a controlled lab environment.  Whatever limited results are seen in a lab would be a great result compared to what you will see in your own home.

There are also several websites out there that provide recipes that are safe to use and are supposed to keep rats away.  Don’t believe it.  At best, results are questionable, and many of these home-brews are quite nasty and smell terrible.

If you want to DIY a home project, keep to the areas where anything less than a perfect result doesn’t put your family in danger.  For most people, we would recommend you leave building your backyard deck to professionals so you don’t wind up with a lawsuit when your neighbor crashes through the deck planks.

Rodent Control is an area where you need to be appropriately trained and know what you are doing.  You are not going to learn to properly protect your home and family from rodents by watching a video online or reading an article in your favorite home-related magazine.

Rodent Control requires understanding rodents, knowing what to look for not only for a current infestation but for the things that leave you vulnerable.  You need to know how to deal with the different chemicals, traps, and other products.  You need to know not only what to use and how to handle it, but where to apply it and how.

Do yourself a favor.  Keep your family safe and keep yourself safe.  Call Pinnacle Pest Control and let the professionals protect your home from rodents.

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