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Decontamination is the Key

If you have ever had a rodent infestation, you are aware of how much damage can be done by rats in your attic.  Getting rid of the rodents is only a part of the problem.  We discussed in the last post how the odors associated with a rat problem is a beacon to other rats […]

A Beacon in the Night

Having rats in your attic is not a problem that no one wants. The realization of the infestation leads to a long list of things that you are going to have to do and that can lead to a serious tension headache. While there isn’t much we can do for the headache, Pinnacle Pest Control […]

Why Rats Make Bad Houseguests

In our Sacramento region, rats often move into your home or place of business without you even knowing it, according to the experts of the University of California Integrated Pest Management program. “People don’t often see rats, but signs of their presence are easy to detect,” according to the UC IPM Rat Management Guidelines. In […]

3 Steps to Pest Prevention: Eliminate, Sanitize, Seal

When you call us with a rat problem, the first thing our licensed pest control technicians do is inspect the area to determine how big the problem is and identify the travel routes, nesting and feeding areas the rats are using, and, most importantly, how they are getting in. This will help us determine the […]

What’s That Noise in My Attic?

When customers call this time of year, the question we hear most often when we pick up the phone is, “What is that noise in my attic?” Chances are, if it’s winter and it’s Northern California, the answer is, “It’s a rat.” Rats are a common problem in our Greater Sacramento region, especially during the […]

Roof Rat Season Brings Homeowner Headaches

With cooler fall weather on its way—we hope!—perhaps with some much needed rain, many of the pests most common and dangerous in our Sacramento region begin to look for warm, snug places to ride out the winter. One of those most likely to move into your home or commercial building is the roof rat, otherwise […]