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Rats are a Clear and Present Danger

Despite the Warm November, Rats are Still a Threat By this time of the year, we are usually talking to people about how the cold weather drives rats to look for someplace to keep warm for the winter months, however with an unusually warm November so far, the rats are still out here scavenging for […]

What Rodent has the Longest Lifespan?

What Rodent has the Longest Lifespan When you think of rodents, the first animals that might come to your mind are pesky rats and mice that infest homes. But rodents are actually a wide variety of animals that includes beavers, squirrels, capybaras, and more. Aside from their diverse characteristics, rodents also have varying lifespans that […]

What Are Brown Rats? 

What are Brown Rats? There are many different species of rats; roof rats, woodrats, and marsh rats are among the pests you may encounter in your home or property. The rat you are most likely to see is the brown rat, which goes by the scientific name rattus norvegicus.  So what are brown rats? Brown […]

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats?

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats? Roof rat infestations can happen on any property. They thrive in high places such as tree lines, fence rows, and attics in search of food and shelter. Although some preventive measures can keep them out for some time, it can be difficult to get rid of a roof […]

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

Are Roof Rats Dangerous? Roof rats are one of the most common rodent species that infest different homes and properties in the country. These filthy pests can wreak havoc inside your house and endanger the whole family at any time. So what kinds of danger do roof rats bring to a home? These rodents can […]

Where Do Roof Rats Live?

Where Do Roof Rats Live? Roof rats are among the most dangerous pests that can thrive on a property. They bring destruction and diseases wherever they go. Even after they are gone, these pests can still cause health hazards if their nests and remains are not cleaned and sanitized properly. But where do roof rats […]