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Predictable Behavior

Pests, like the seasons, are predictable.  We know month-to-month and even week-to-week, which pests are going to be a problem for the people of the Sacramento area.  This time of year, we are handling termites.  Since pests act on instinct, they are more active during times that benefit them or require them to act for […]

Orange Oil & Eco-Friendly Drywood Termite Control

Termites are some of the oldest insects on the planet.  The oldest unambiguous termite fossils date back to the Cretaceous geologic period, which took place between 145 and 66 million years ago.  Due to their diversity in that period, with other circumstantial evidence, termites probably date back to the Jurassic Period or even before that […]

Early Spring May Mean Early Termite Swarms

The unseasonably warm weather we are having in Sacramento and Northern California has tricked lots of plants and trees into an early bloom, from daffodils to almonds. Such springlike weather may also mean another, less attractive early season—namely termite swarms. Last March we got a frantic call from one of our pest control customers: she […]

Termite Season Reveals Costly Hidden Damage

Every year about this time, the phone starts ringing in the Pinnacle Pest Control office with requests for termite home inspections and sometimes reports of swarms. The subterranean termite species most common in our Sacramento region causes extensive damage that can remain hidden for years inside the walls and crawlspaces of your home. Historically “Delta […]