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Inside a house, inspect along the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all areas of the kitchen. The easiest way to find a trail to the nest is to watch where ants go after reaching the food source.

Ant Control Tips and Strategies

  • Ants that live outside and forage inside
  • Ants that already have a nest built inside

To prevent further Carpenter Ant infestations:

  • Trim all trees and bushes so branches do not touch the house.
  • Correct moisture problems such as leaky roofs and plumbing.
  • Paint and/or seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet.

Ants that live (nest) inside your home

In the fall, we start to see problems with rodents as the weather cools down. As nights become cold, rodents will find access to local homes and businesses. These pests are most active at night, and infestations can occur without you even realizing it until they multiply. Rodents have the potential to:

Spread diseases. Rodents and the parasites they carry will spread many diseases like plague, typhus, and rat-bite fever.

Contaminate food. Bacteria-infested urine and fecal droppings will spoil food or even become infested with parasites such as tapeworms.

Damage property. Rodents are constantly gnawing with there teeth and will chew through wiring, building materials, insulation, and duct work.


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