Benefits of Pinnacle Rodent Control

Our technicians are experts in the control of mice and rats. We perform a thorough inspection on your property to determine potential indoor/outdoor harborages, and suggest control procedures and preventative measures.

Rodent Control Plan


Trap and Remove Existing Rat


Seal all possible entry points and protect the entire perimeter of your home with bait and traps to prevent re-entry


Attic restoration, decontamination deodorisation

Why Do I Have Rodents?

Always on the hunt for food, water, and shelter, rodents commonly seek refuge during the cool temperatures of fall. They have a remarkable ability to adapt, and the smallest entry way into a home or business can turn into an accidental open invitation.

What Should I Know About Rodents?

Rodents contaminate food and damage buildings by constant gnawing and burrowing. In addition, they can spread diseases to people and pets, leave nasty odors, and commercially cause significant economic and reputable losses for professional establishments.

How Do I Detect Rodent Infestation?

Any sightings of live or dead rodents indicate rodent activity. If rodents are seen exposed, it often indicates that their hiding spaces are filled with more of them. If you haven’t spotted the rodent itself, some things to look out for are their droppings, (usually ½ inch long with pointed ends,) deposited oils from their fur, known as rat paths, and gnawed food packages.


If they return so will we, absolutely free!


Which Rodent Do You Have?

Roof Rat

House Mouse

Entry & Harborage Points

It doesn’t take more than a small open entryway to let rodents into your home. Here are some of the most common spots of entry and harborage to check if you start finding unwanted critters around your home or office.

A Open Vents
B Wood Piles
COpening in Roof Tiles
DGaps Under Doors
ETree Limbs Touching House
FGaps Under Metal Flashing
GRoof & Attica
HOpenings Near A.C. Lines
IUncovered Trash
JAnimal Hutches
KStorage Sheds
LLeft Out Pet Food

Extermination Story

"I trust Ken to do a professional job from start to finish whether Pinnacle is actual doing any work that shows on his Inspection Reports. He is always on time or even early for every appointment I have set with him. He just begins and does a thorough job, one that is easily explained and pointed out each time. I am very happy to have made the connection with in this busy Real Estate Market."

"Love Pinnacle Pest Control for both our residence & business needs. Excellent service every time with Jason. Jason always takes the time to contact us the day prior and always makes certain everything is well taken care of. Great job and always a pleasure without any hassles."

"Pinnacle is great. My property has been serviced by Jason now for several years and he's been fantastic. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. He's always been available to help answer any questions and provide everything we've needed. 12/04/18"

Pinnacle is absolutely fantastic! We used to have them at our home in the Sacramento area (they have a branch up there as well) and when we moved to the Bay Area we were super happy that they service the East Bay as well. I can't speak highly enough about Pinnacles customer service, amazing office staff, fantastic on-site technicians who actually CARE about their clients.. This is good old fashioned customer service, the way it sssgrSHOULD be… A+!

I want to thank Jim at pinnacle. We thought we had a powder post beetle problem. We had another termite company tell us that we needed to fumigate our house for $5,000. We called Pinnacle for a second opinion and it turned out we had Milled in beetles that did not need a fumigation. I could not believe it. We were looking for a better price. The other company made a mistake. Thanks again for being honest.

Literally the easiest company to work with! I have used them for 3 years now! Home infested moving in, not a problem after their treatment. I use them for quarterly service now. The staff are so incredibly kind and professional! It comes from the top! From the person receiving the call to schedule the appointment to the technician … all are amazing and really try to help! Technician will call when 30 min away and spends as much time as needed for a thorough treatment!

I have an older home near neighbors that I believe to be horders. It seems that mice travel from that house to my home on a very regular basis. I have gone through several exterminating companies over the years until i Pinnacle Pest. I called them the first time and they were excellent! The best by far. They're effective, courteous reliable service both both costumer service and individual exterminators. They know their trade very well and even educate the costumer about pest control.

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