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Termite Treatment and Termite Damage Repairs in Sacramento Metro & East Bay Areas

A termite infestation is already a troubling thing for any home or property owner to go through - but that's only half of what they have to worry about. Aside from getting the termite infestation under control, one thing that you also need to remember is to repair the structural damage caused by termites.

Termite damaged wood is a common sight in California since most properties use the surrounding wood for construction. But pests like dry wood termites and carpenter ants can chew and feed on this material easily, wood repair becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity. 

Pinnacle Pest Control has extensive experience in termite treatment, but we can also help you deal with the fallout of a termite infestation by repairing structural damage and cosmetic damage to your property. With Pinnacle General Construction, we can patch up any significant damage left by a termite colony in your home - without compromising the structural integrity of the entire building.

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Why It's Important To Repair Termite Damage

Termite-damaged wood can do a lot more harm than simply looking a little worse than the rest of the untouched areas of your house. Here are some reasons why you should invest in termite repair services as soon as your infestation has been handled:

Preventing Future Infestations

As any pest control service will tell you - if termites got in once, there's every chance that they can get in again. Termites will often use entry points left behind by other termites, and termite-damaged wood is an easy way for them to get inside your property. By repairing these entry points, you can limit any further infestations from taking hold.

Ensuring Structural Integrity

If your infestation was large enough, they may have done significant damage to key areas on your property. Load-bearing areas like foundations will usually require wood repair especially for older homes, and it's important to have a professional take care of it to avoid any catastrophic accidents from having termite damaged wood around.

Repairing Cosmetic Damage

Properties that are looking to be sold or rented need to be presentable to potential buyers. Termite wood damage can significantly affect the look of your property and may even cause it to be undervalued on the market. By removing rotting wood, any signs of cosmetic damage and repairing or replacing them with something better, you're able to assign a competitive price to your property.

Why Choose Pinnacle Pest Control?

Comprehensive Termite Inspection

At Pinnacle General Construction, we believe that the best contracting job is only possible with a comprehensive understanding of a client's needs. Given that the damage from termite infestations can be very different depending on the property, we make sure that our inspections give us an excellent idea of what repairs need to be done.

Experienced Termite Repair Services

Our staff always strives to maintain both quality, professionalism, and pricing to the same high standards of service. Contracting your termite damage repair to us gives you the guarantee that we'll use the best materials for the task, whether it's something as simple as dry rot repair to the entire patio or deck remodeling. For big and small repairs, we've got you covered.

Comprehensive Pricing

Repairing the damage from termites is always a significant investment: and we make sure that you get your money's worth out of our repair services. Costs for our repairs are a comprehensive package covering everything from labor, permit fees, and cleanup to the project site. With Pinnacle General Contracting, you get what you pay for and so much more.

Termite Exclusion and Pest Prevention Treatments

Any repairs to termite damage won't mean much if they can just get back in again - which is why Pinnacle Pest Control also offers termite prevention services as a safeguard against future infestation. With our thorough inspection and experience with termite control, we can recommend methods and other improvements to your property that make dealing with any termite colony in the future a moot point. 

FAQs About Termite Damage Repairs

Q: Can I DIY termite wood damage?

A: Termite infestations usually leave a lot of extensive damage that can be difficult to fix without professional help. Areas like a crawl space often suffer extensive structural damage, especially if it also has issues like dry rot or water damage. If you want to get the most out of your termite repair services, it's best to hire professionals in repairing termite damage.

Q: How do I avoid any more significant damage to my property?

A: If you want to keep your structural integrity intact - especially after removing a large infestation and investing in costs like foundation repair - the best thing to do is to get termite prevention services to ensure another termite colony doesn't settle on your property. You can also consider getting a termite inspection every year to check for any rotting wood or pest damage that could be a sign of a future infestation.

Q: Can I still use termite-damaged wood?

A: For homeowners on a budget, termite damage costs may be significant enough to have them consider using termite-damaged wood after the infestation has been removed. You should never do this since the wood already has weakened structural integrity and can be a potential nesting site for a future infestation. At Pinnacle Pest Control, our costs are comprehensive enough so you don’t need to worry about issues like these.

Termite Damage Repair and Termite Infestation Removal on Demand

Pest control doesn't stop at getting an infestation removed - for us, termite treatment and wood repair are equally important for a comprehensive termite control plan. We've helped hundreds of Sacramento residents with damaged wood and termite damage repairs - and we can help you too.