Are Carpenter Ants Bad For Your House?

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Ants are regarded as one of the most irritating pests around the world. They are very small, come in groups, and can easily reach places you thought would be pest-free. Moreover, there are reported to be more than 700 species of ants, with the most common ones being harmless, such as the kind you may usually find in your house or pavements outside.

However, there are also some species of ants that can be a serious threat, such as carpenter ants.

How Dangerous Are Carpenter Ants?

While most ant species should not be too much of a bother, carpenter ants are the exact opposite. They are by far one of the most problematic species around as they are capable of causing serious property damage.

They get their name from the type of damage they do, which is excavating through wood in order to build their own nests. As they excavate through the wood, they essentially create smoothened out tunnels within.

This process is quite similar to how termites operate and can effectively weaken the core structure of your home or building. It can eventually cause the foundation to give way if not professionally treated.

What Are The Causes Of Carpenter Ants Entering Your Home?

The two main factors that attract carpenter ants into your home are moisture and decaying or dead wood in surrounding areas. They love sheltering in cool, damp climates and can be found building their nests in different kinds of wood sources. From tree stumps, fences, firewood, and landscaping, so long as the wood has been damaged or moistened in some way, they will favor it.

They usually work in thousands, think 10,000 workers per colony. Because they come in such large groups, it is quite common to find multiple nests per area.

Carpenter ants find their way indoors through small cracks in the entry and exit points, windows, holes for wires, or through any moist, damaged wood in the structure.

How Can You Treat A Carpenter Ant Infestation?

Treating a carpenter ant infestation takes a team of professionals. At Pinnacle Pest, we take all the necessary steps to eliminate existing carpenter ants on your property and perform additional measures to lessen the chances of another infestation in the near future.

We take advantage of the latest technology and eco-friendly agents to ensure that our treatment process is as effective and non-hazardous as possible.

Every job starts off with a thorough inspection of the property to confirm the extent of the infestation and fully understand the magnitude of the work that needs to be done. We then apply the industry’s most effective eco-friendly agents available on the infested areas.

How Can You Prevent Carpenter Ants From Coming Back?

Our recurring pest management service ensures that your property stays pest-free as we return to treat the exterior every other month. This effectively prevents the re-establishment of a colony and also guarantees the foundation of your structure remains strong and secure. As an added defense, eliminate shrubs and standing water around the property.

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