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Roaches are a common pest in many homes, but a cockroach infestation can be a hygienic nightmare for any home or business. Protect your property from the risk of disease and pest contamination with Pinnacle Pest Control. Contact us to schedule an inspection for an accurate quotation for our services. 

Cockroach Exterminator in Sacramento & The East Bay Areas

Cockroaches are one of the most common types of pests in residential and commercial properties throughout the United States, especially in areas with temperate climates like California. There are over 4,000 types of cockroaches in the world, but around 55 can be found in the United States. But for the sake of public health, regardless of whether you find a German cockroach, an American cockroach, or even an oriental cockroach, no homeowner or business owner would want a cockroach infestation to overrun their property. 

Unlike other common pests that aren’t disease carriers, cockroaches play a supplementary role in spreading diseases through the germs they pick up in their usual environment. They also have a foul smell and are known to contaminate anything it comes into contact with, and the sight of a roach in your home or place of business is a sign that your property may not be as clean as it should be. 

On top of our effective roach control services, Pinnacle Pest Control offers integrated pest management solutions for residential and commercial properties in Sacramento, CA. We go beyond eliminating the cockroach population in your property and offer our clients comprehensive solutions on how to prevent cockroaches from re-entering the premises and re-establishing an intrusion into your property. Contact Pinnacle Pest Control to have professionally trained pest control specialists to deal with your cockroach problem. 

Cockroach Pest Control: What Roaches Can Do to Your Home or Business

Cockroaches tend to reside in filthy areas like garbage cans, sewers, and drains and often come into contact with filth, garbage, and even human and animal feces. They then pick up germs from these types of environments, which they then contaminate and spread to surfaces they pass through in your property. While roaches aren’t a major cause of diseases, they have been known to spread organisms that can cause a slew of illnesses like diarrhea or typhoid fever. 

On top of this, roaches constantly leave cockroach droppings and secrete a substance from their mouth and body that gives them a long-lasting odor. This odor can linger in areas or even on food that they come into contact with.

Because of their smell and potential to spread diseases, cockroaches are generally unwanted in any home or business. While one or two roaches may be manageable with regular pest control methods and taking steps to prevent a cockroach infestation, multiple sightings of cockroaches around your property may suggest an infestation. When this happens, it’s not enough to just take out every roach you see. For a better, long-term solution, you’ll want to hire a reliable professional pest control company that can eliminate infestations at the root. 

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It has never been easier to ensure you never have to deal with any kind of pest in your home again, when you call Pinnacle Pest Control. Our pest control professionals can make your home invaders a thing of the past. Book your appointment today.

Residential Pest Control in Sacramento & East Bay Areas

Cockroaches are not only a nuisance for your household but there are certain health risks to living in a home infested by roaches. Cockroaches can feed on any small crumb of food source lying around the house. It thrives in areas like the sewer or in the garbage, but it can also survive in damp, dark, and undisturbed areas. And although roaches are more likely to frequent filthy locations, a gap in your home is enough for them to enter and find a place to stay if they have access to what they need to survive. 

Roaches can also pose health risks to your household. While they aren’t a major source of disease, roaches can pick up germs from areas they frequent and contaminate your food or other surfaces when they walk on it. They can spread organisms that cause intestinal diseases like diarrhea, viral diseases, dermatitis, and even allergic reactions. 

At Pinnacle Pest Control, our residential cockroach control services can keep your home secure from roach infestations. Not only do we eliminate all roaches in the perimeter of your home, but we spot the vulnerable areas in your property that can make it prone to infestations. We can also recommend areas for improvement and offer recurring treatments to keep roaches out for good. 

Commercial Pest Control in Sacramento & The East Bay Areas

Cockroaches can also be a problem for various types of businesses in California. For landlords, property managers, and people in the hospitality industry, it’s your responsibility to maintain your rental properties. For commercial properties like restaurants, roaches can cause contamination in your food, and the sight of roaches can disgust and scare customers away and ruin your business’ reputation. And for many other commercial establishments, there are health risks and general nuisance cockroaches can be to your employees and your customers. 

Pinnacle Pest Control can help businesses in the area get rid of all cockroaches plaguing their establishment. We can provide a one-time cockroach extermination service, or we can offer an alternate monthly treatment schedule to provide recurring cockroach control to ensure that your property stays clean and pest-free. That way, you can maintain your business’ cleanliness and avoid the effects your pest problem can have on your front and back-of-house operations. 

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No matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, you can count on Pinnacle Pest Control to provide top-notch pest extermination services. With decades of experience under our name, we have already helped hundreds of residents and business owners in Sacramento eliminate pests in their property and keep them away for good.

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Keep your property free from nuisance pests like roaches. In case of an infestation, killing cockroaches when you see them isn’t going to solve the problem. To eliminate all roaches in your property, you’ll need the reliable, eco-friendly, and effective services of a pest control company you can trust. And with Pinnacle Pest Control, you can expect a pest-free home from professionals that go the distance to keep the pests away. 

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It has never been easier to ensure you never have to deal with any kind of pest in your home again, when you call Pinnacle Pest Control. Our pest control professionals can make your home invaders a thing of the past. Book your appointment today.