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Attic Pest Removal

Rodent Removal / Attic Restoration / Decontamination Services

Pinnacle Pest will remove rodents throughout your home. Should rats be present in the attic, they can create problems that many homeowners can’t even imagine and they often extend beyond rodent removal. The nesting animals can carry parasites, which after the wildlife (host) is evicted, parasites may move inside the home looking for a new host; that would include you, and your family.

Mites, ticks and fleas are just some of these parasites of concern. In addition, we often see attics that are completely contaminated with rodent feces and urine. These deposits can create strong odors which can be hazardous and make the home unsafe and unhealthy for humans.

The scent of a previous infestation will also attract new rodents looking for a home. Let our professionals restore your attic to its original condition, or better, and install barriers to minimize the risk of future infestations. Let us completely and safely remove that soiled insulation and decontaminate your entire attic space. Once damage is repaired, we will replace the insulation with R38 insulation.

Attic Pest Removal In Sacramento. Services Include:

  • Removal of all contaminated insulation
  • Vacuum of all rodent droppings
  • Sanitizing of attic
  • Exclusion (closing up of entry points vents replacement, screen replacement and roof repairs)
  • Replace with R38 insulation
  • Rodent control (trapping)

Once all the contaminated insulation is removed from your attic and the area is sprayed and disinfected, Pinnacle will check for chewed wires, entry and exit points created from the rodent infestation, and check all truss and wood structures to make sure they are intact. When complete, you should have a secure, clean attic that is safe for you and your family.

We are committed to providing our services using the IPM (integrated pest management) concept, which incorporates all aspects of pest prevention including inspection, exclusion, mechanical and chemical control techniques all while utilizing minimal amounts of environmentally sensitive products. Ask about our all Green Pest Control programs.

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