Rodent Exclusion

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To Prevent Future Rodent Problems, your home would need a rodent exclusion review so that entry points are eliminated and these pest find another place to nest.

Damage To Your Home

Rats nesting in your home will eventually wreack havoc, with insulation, wiring, and duct work. Rats eat and contaminate foodstuffs and animal feed. They also damage containers and packaging materials in which foods and feed are stored. As the are constantly gnawing, eating and excreting waste, they will cause considerable damage to your home if left unchecked.

Chewed Wires

Damage to duct work

Animal waste in ducts and vents

Health Risks

Rodents are know vectors for disease transmission as they harbor various parasites from fleas and ticks to dozens of various microbes.

Among the diseases rats can transmit to humans or livestock are murine typhus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis (food poisoning), and rat bite fever. Plague is a disease that rats can carry.

Hantavirus: have almost entirely been linked to human contact with rodent excrement Some hantaviruses cause potentially fatal diseases in humans, such as hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS),

Murine typhus is often confused with viral illnesses. Most people who are infected do not realize that they have been bitten by fleas. Symptoms of endemic typhus include headache, fever, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea and vomiting. 40–50% of patients will develop a discrete rash six days after the onset of signs.Up to 45% will develop neurological signs such as confusion, stupor, seizures or imbalance.

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Viral Infections

Viral Infections

Risk Of Fire

Damage caused by gnawing on electrical wires is significant, in fact it is estimated that 1/3 of all electrical fires are a result of rodents. If you suspect you have an infestation, call in the rodent exterminator