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Keep the dangers of wasps away from your property. Call Pinnacle Pest Control today to safely remove wasp nests from the premises. 

Wasp Pest Control in Sacramento & East Bay Areas

Among all the insects you can potentially have on your property, having wasps can be a concerning and potentially dangerous problem. One wasp sting can be temporarily discomforting, but getting attacked by a swarm of wasps can be an alarming experience, especially if you have children on the property or are allergic to wasp venom. 

Wasps typically only attack when they feel threatened. But don’t wait for a wasp to consider you, your household, or anyone in your establishment a threat before dealing with wasp infestations within your property. At Pinnacle Pest Control, our team is fully-equipped and professionally trained to safely remove wasp nests from the premises. 

On top of the pest extermination services you’d expect from most pest control companies, Pinnacle Pest Control takes it a step further. We follow integrated pest management procedures, meaning we do more than just take the problem out of your property. We can also inspect your area and recommend some practices and safety measures to prevent future wasp infestations on the property. 

Wasp Pest Control: What Wasps Can Do to Your Home or Business

California is home to hundreds of species of wasps, with the East Bay Area being home to common wasp species like yellow jacket wasps, paper wasps, sand wasps, and more. Wasps typically sting only for two reasons: to paralyze smaller prey with their potent venom, or to protect themselves when they feel threatened. For humans, wasps will attack if they feel that their nest is under threat or if they’re agitated by actions like humans using their arms to wave or swat away wasps. 

For most people who aren’t allergic to wasp venom, a wasp sting can be incredibly painful but will subside over time. But for those who are allergic to wasp stings, being in a property with a wasp infestation can be dangerous - one sting may be enough to require emergency medical attention. Even worse is that wasps can attack in swarms, which can be potentially fatal for children, elderly, those allergic to wasp stings, and those with pre-existing heart and lung conditions. 

Because of their ability to attack in large numbers and their territorial nature towards their nests, removing a large wasp nest on your own can be a dangerous endeavor. That’s why at Pinnacle Pest Control, we offer our effective wasp control services to deal with your wasp infestation. We offer wasp nest removal services to get the problem out safely from your property, eliminate any remaining wasps on the premises, and then recommend steps to keep your property free of wasps both indoors and outdoors. 

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Residential Wasp Control in Sacramento & East Bay Areas

Wasps can form nests anywhere in your front yard, back yard, or even in corners of outdoor areas like awnings or any high corner. For your household, a wasp attack can be painful for most adults. If you have children, elderly adults, or those with health complications, wasps can be dangerous and a potentially fatal problem. Don’t put your household at risk or wait for your loved ones to experience the pain of a wasp sting before taking action. If you see a wasp nest or signs of a wasp infestation, call Pinnacle Pest Control immediately. 

Having a wasp infestation can also affect your property’s value and desirability. While wasps don’t cause as much drastic property damage to your home as pests like termites, wasps can chew through surfaces like wood if it means building a nest in areas like your home that offer food sources, water sources from damp materials, and heat. There’s also the risk of wasp nests growing so big and moist that they can weigh down and cause rot on your ceiling material. 

If you plan to rent your property, you’ll need to have the infestation treated before you can try to rent out your property. So if you want to sell, you’re required to disclose the wasp infestation on your property; this can significantly decrease the property value, as the buyers will be responsible for paying for pest control. 

With Pinnacle Pest Control, you can keep your home free of wasp infestations. We can safely remove the threat that wasp infestations pose on your property. 

Commercial Wasp Control in Sacramento & East Bay Areas

Wasp infestations can affect your business establishment. A visible wasp nest in your property could turn away potential customers and clients who don’t want to risk even singular wasp stings that can be painful or potentially dangerous. It can also be a threat to employees, especially those at risk of an allergic reaction. 

Our team starts by inspecting your commercial property to find the wasp nest. We can determine the type of species the colony is and then recommend the best insect elimination method. We then use an insecticide to neutralize the threat of the wasp colony and safely remove or destroy the nest. On top of our pest control services, we can also inspect your property for potential property damage and other vulnerable areas that could make your establishment prone to another reinfestation. 

Don’t wait for an employee to get hurt or a client to file a personal injury suit on your establishment. Pinnacle Pest Control can handle an infestation on any commercial property of any size. Our professionally-trained technicians can spot one or more wasp nests on your property during inspections and then use the right treatment to eliminate your wasp problem.

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No matter what kind of pest problem you’re dealing with, you can count on Pinnacle Pest Control to provide top-notch pest extermination services. With decades of experience under our name, we have already helped hundreds of residents and business owners in Sacramento eliminate pests in their property and keep them away for good.

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Our team of pest control specialists is licensed, bonded, insured, and qualified. This means all of our clients are in capable hands when we perform our job on your property.. 

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We’ve been operating since 1998, and our service has kept residential and commercial properties pest-free. Since then, we have continuously strived for excellent customer service and results that satisfy our clients’ needs. We’re confident in our pest management services and have a warranty. We guarantee that our recurring services will leave your home free of pests. If they return we’ll be back at no charge to you.

FAQs About Wasp Removal Management

Q: How did I get wasps on my property?

A: Wasps form nests in areas that have what they need to thrive. Wasps tend to build nests in high, covered areas like eaves and gutters. They are attracted to both flowers and plants and find food sources in crumbs, garbage cans, and other small insects within the area. If your property’s exterior has everything they need to thrive nearby, they’re likely to establish their colony on your property. And if the areas they nest in have nearby entry points, the risk of wasps flying inside your home can be potentially dangerous. 

Q: Are DIY wasp traps effective?

A: Wasp traps are more like band-aid solutions to a serious problem on your property. Hanging wasp traps can capture plenty of wasps at a time, but these don’t do anything to solve the nest or the colony on your property. Professional wasp extermination services, on the other hand, tackle the root cause of what’s keeping wasps on your property and take out the actual wasp nest. With our pest control services, we can effectively eliminate all the wasps on your property and keep everyone safe. 

Q: What’s your process for getting rid of wasp nests?

A: Our professionally trained technicians use green, eco-friendly methods to get rid of wasps. First, technicians will inspect your property and observe the wasp nest and the behavior of the wasps. From our inspection, we can provide you with a thorough report and recommendations on how to best handle your wasp problem. We also use methods to destroy the wasp nest without the risk of harming anyone on your property. If we’re dealing with yellow jacket wasps, we use extra precautions to eliminate wasps on the property. Lastly, we take our pest control services one step further and offer integrated pest management recommendations on how to maintain a wasp-free property. If you opt for our recurring services, we can guarantee your property will stay wasp-free until our next pest control session. 

Prevent Wasp Attacks on Your Property with Pinnacle Pest Control

Avoid the unpleasant consequences of having wasps on your property. With Pinnacle Pest Control, you can protect your property and the people in it from experiencing potentially dangerous and painful wasp attacks. We are the wasp exterminator service you need to keep your property safe from potential wasp attacks. 

Our professional pest control technicians can offer reliable and effective treatments that can keep your home or commercial establishment wasp-free. Contact Pinnacle Pest Control for a free estimate or schedule an initial inspection on your property.

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