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4 Easy Rodent Exclusion Items to Check Off Your List

Rodent exclusion is when we come to your property and inspect the building and the surrounding property for things that will allow rats and other rodents to get into your home. We will find these entry points and other vulnerabilities and come up with a plan to remediate the issues we find. If we can […]

Rodent Exclusion – Fixing the Problem Before it Starts

When people think about California weather, they generally think about San Diego.  San Diego has just a 10-degree difference from its average summer temperature to the average winter temperature.  Even in Los Angeles, the difference between August and December is not even 20 degrees. When you tell someone that Northern California has 100-degree summers, and […]

Decontamination is the Key

If you have ever had a rodent infestation, you are aware of how much damage can be done by rats in your attic.  Getting rid of the rodents is only a part of the problem.  We discussed in the last post how the odors associated with a rat problem is a beacon to other rats […]

A Beacon in the Night

Having rats in your attic is not a problem that no one wants. The realization of the infestation leads to a long list of things that you are going to have to do and that can lead to a serious tension headache. While there isn’t much we can do for the headache, Pinnacle Pest Control […]

Tiny Argentine Ants Add Up To Big Trouble

Once the thermometer begins to climb to the high 80s and 90s in our Greater Sacramento pest control region, ant season will have arrived. Ants are not only one of the most common nuisances to homeowners, who may find them trailing across the kitchen floor to feed, and ruin, every open package in the pantry, […]