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If you have ever had a rodent infestation, you are aware of how much damage can be done by rats in your attic.  Getting rid of the rodents is only a part of the problem.  We discussed in the last post how the odors associated with a rat problem is a beacon to other rats in the area that a safe haven has been found, and those strong odors will only lead to more unwanted house guests.

At Pinnacle Pest Control, we go far beyond the removal of rats from your attic.  We will also work with you to take care of your home and attic to make sure that the entry points are blocked, the odors are gone, and you can put this unpleasant experience far behind you.

When you call Pinnacle Pest Control, the first thing we do is inspect your entire home or structure.  We are looking for the holes and crevices that rats can use to get into your home.  Remember that rodents do not need a lot of space to squeeze through.  Mice can get through a hole the size of a dime and rats can get through a hole the size of a quarter.   We inspect your entire home from the foundation to the roof.  We will check and look at parts of your home that you have probably never seen for yourself.  Since rats are such great climbers, the entry point doesn’t need to be on the ground floor.  A hole under the flashing on your roof that leads to the attic is all they need to find their way in.  And once they are in, they are making themselves at home.

As researchers or those that raise rodents will tell you, rats are very easy to breed.  They reach sexual maturity at five weeks of age, and they come into heat every 4 or 5 days.  After a gestation period of around 22 days, rats can have a litter of anywhere from 6 to 13 babies.  This means that once you have a couple of rats in your home, left unfound and untended, the number of rats grows very quickly.

The damage left behind by rats can be extensive.  Insulation does not fare well with rats.  The feces and urine will destroy it.  Rats will also eat through the insulation tearing it up.  Rats will also use their strong teeth to gnaw through wood and chew through wires.

A big part of our services includes restoration and decontamination services.  It can take a lot of time and effort to rid a home of all of the rats.  If you do not decontaminate and restore your home, you are just inviting more rats to come in.

We will remove the contaminated insulation and vacuum out all of the droppings.  After the attic is cleared out, we will sanitize the entire location.  Rats, besides being destructive, are also a health hazard.  They carry hantavirus, which can cause serious respiratory issues and even be fatal.  Rats also carry ticks and mites, which on their own, can also pose a serious health threat.  Sanitizing your home is an essential step to ensure that your home is not only rodent-free but a safe and healthy environment in which to live.

We will also prepare an exclusion plan, which will close up the entry points where the rats were able to get in.  This means we will be repair areas that are damaged, replace broken and ripped screens, and even do roof repairs to block all of the ways the rats were getting in.

Finally, we will replace the insulation that was destroyed with R38 insulation, which is perfect for this area of the country and the weather patterns we have here in Northern California.  Our rodent-control service also comes with our 2-year guarantee, so we will also place traps in the area.  We will also return regularly to check and reset the traps.  Of course, in between service times, if you hear any activity, you can call us, and we will be there to check out the situation taking care of any issues that you have.

Our Pinnacle Pest Control offices are in Sacramento, and our service area includes all of the towns in the surrounding area, including Roseville, Folsom, Stockton, Lodi, Walnut Creek, and Elk Grove.  Call our office at 916-381-5793.  Whether you have an active rodent problem or are looking to set up proactive protection for your home and family, we will create a plan that is right for you.

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