Autumn and the Return of the Termites

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As we approach the end of August, we are once again entering a season where termites become very active.  Termites can swarm any time of the year. However, most of the cases we see are in the Spring or the Fall.  As both seasons bring the right amount of rain, Spring and Fall bring the perfect conditions for termites.

Termites can Attack Any Time of the Year

There are two types of homes in Sacramento: those that have termites and those that are going to get termites.  Over time, the odds of termites attacking your home are very high.  If you do nothing to protect yourself, you are taking a risk that could wind up costing you a lot of money.  Most homeowners who do not have a termite plan generally do not find out they have termites until extensive damage is already done.

When it comes to how we treat termites, the options depend on the type of termite that is in your home.  In the Sacramento area, we generally see two types of termite: subterranean and drywood.

Subterranean termites, as the name suggests, come up from the ground.  They are the most common in our area, and they do an extreme amount of damage.  They are distinctive in that they create mud tubes that extend from the ground to the wood of your home.  These tunnels give the termites the damp environment they need to survive.  Left untreated, subterranean termites can cause enough damage to cause a structure to collapse!

The other type of termite we see in the Sacramento area is the drywood termite.  Drywood termites are very active from September through November.  Drywood termites are very different than subterranean termites in behavior and even in how they are treated.

Drywood Termites are Active from September through November

Drywood termites get the moisture they need to survive from the air and the wood they eat.  They can get enough moisture from the air that they do not live underground, and they do not require mud tubes.  Since they do not come out of the ground, we generally see drywood termite damage in higher places in the home, including in the roof.  These termites will eat through your walls, floors, window and door frames, and even your furniture.

When it comes to Drywood termites, we have some excellent news about treatment.  Pinnacle Pest Control was the first pest control company to bring XT-2000 Orange Oil to Sacramento.  Yes, Orange Oil, as in the oil you find in all types of everyday products from soaps, perfumes, and even essential oils used in diffusers and candles.

XT-2000 Orange Oil is a Great Solution for Drywood Termites

Orange oil, called D-Limonene is a natural, safe, non-toxic, renewable resource that is a by-product of orange juice manufacturing process.  The food-grade orange oil is distilled into a technical grade oil, and reformulated to be used as a highly effective treatment for drywood termites.

While you won’t be putting XT-2000 into your diffuser, it is still safe for people and pets, but it destroys drywood termites on contact.  Treating your home with orange oil means that you do not have to leave the house while we are treating your home.

As we said, and to be clear, XT-2000 is not for every case of termites and is, therefore, not always an option.  When it is an option, it is one we are very excited about.  If you have not had your home inspected or you expect you have termite activity in your home, call Pinnacle Pest Control, and we will send over an XT-2000 Certified inspector to check your home.  If you have termite activity, we will tell you what type of termite you have and whether XT-2000 Orange Oil treatments are an option for your case.

Remember that termites can swarm at any time of the year when conditions are right.  Coming into Fall, conditions are going to be perfect for termites.  Call Pinnacle Pest Control and ask for an XT-2000 certified inspector to come to your home to look for these destructive pests.  Do not wait until you see termites.  All that means is that the damage is done.  When you have regular inspections, you will rest assured that your home and family are safe.

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