Do Rodent Smoke Bombs Work?

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Several species of outdoor pests can be difficult to remove because of their nesting habits. Gophers, moles, groundhogs, and rabbits fall into this group and certain types of rodents. Because they usually burrow into the ground, items like rodent smoke bombs have been pushed as a possible and humane solution for rodent removal.

But do rodent smoke bombs work as well as they claim? They’re efficient at short-term pest control, but they become less effective once the rats learn to adapt. So while they can be the initial solution in a rodent prevention plan, they can’t be the only method you should use to keep rodents out.

How Effective Are Rodent Smoke Bombs At Pest Control?

Rodent smoke bombs function similarly to gopher and mole smoke bombs. They’re inserted at the entrances of burrows, lit, then sealed. The fumes travel the entire length of the burrow or tunnel network, which either suffocate the rats or drive them out one entrance into a capture system like a cage.

The biggest advantage of using rodent smoke bombs is that they can be fairly easy to use once you’ve taken the precautions. You can simply place them where you know rodents are nesting, and they should be able to take care of large infestations quickly. They work fast and have very few side effects if all safety guidelines are followed when they’re used.

However, they’re a short-term solution that’s unable to manage rodent infestations long-term. Rats can reproduce fairly quickly and make new burrows, which means additional time and resources invested to identify and smoke out new colonies. Local regulations may also forbid the use of rodent smoke bombs, since the gases and smoke may affect neighboring houses and wildlife.

If you are considering using rodent smoke bombs for pest control, always consult a professional before their use and during application. For the best results, check with a pest extermination or rodent control company to get better long-term solutions to managing outdoor rats.

Exterminate Outdoor Rats With Pinnacle Pest Management

Rodent smoke bombs may work as an effective deterrent for large colonies, but they will not work as a permanent solution. If you want to get rid of outdoor rats permanently, it’s a better idea to target what makes a rat colony possible: food, water, and shelter.

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