Homemade Ant Bait: Effective Recipes and Tips

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It can be challenging to eliminate an ant infestation. It is always simpler to handle an ant dilemma when catching it before it becomes an entire ant colony. When dealing with an entire nest of ants, people ended up getting the work cut out for them. Although some individuals prefer to call an ant control specialist immediately, others manage the problem independently. 

So what is the best homemade ant bait? Combine the three parts of powdered sugar and one part of boric acid powder. The sugar will entice the ants, and the boric powder will eliminate them. The liquid is preferable—adult ants love to drink their foods, so it is advisable to dilute this bait food slightly. This ant killer is also widely recommended by experts.

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Homemade vs. Store Bought Ant Bait

Ant trap is among the alternatives anyone can consider when getting rid of ants in the household. They are simple to use, widely available, and usually inexpensive. Those stubborn little pests that infest the kitchen and other areas of the house are annoying. 

One method is to go to the grocery stores and find bait traps. However, natural options are convenient and straightforward to make using simple ingredients or natural products within the household. They can be effective, affordable, and a safer option for the entire family–including those beloved pets. 

Considerations for the best ant killer depend on a couple of variables, including safety, efficiency, extra cost, and easiness. Evaluating these factors will help determine which ant killer remedy is ideal for the home and family's demands. 

Some store-brand ant killers and traps are available at the local grocery store, big-box store (like Walmart or Target), hardware stores, home depots, and online. Terro, Raid, Tat, and Black Flag are all ant killer chemicals people can buy. 

Among the most effective ant killer recipes on the market is a non-toxic child-safe ingredient that many people may already have in their houses. Borax is a boric acid (also known as sodium tetraborate) commonly used in households to do laundry or wash dishes. Once the ants consume the boric acid trap, their digestion shuts down, and they die. 

Ants are too clever to snack on borax by themselves. On the other hand, the ants will gladly consume this borax trap obscured in a cup of sugar, cornmeal, sugar water, and some syrup (flavored maple syrup, corn syrup, or other sweet syrups will work).

Other Homemade Ant Killers

Traps require two primary elements: something that lures the ants and prevents them from fleeing or carries them out. Toxic chemicals, such as a simple one like boric acid (a chemical compound that's toxic to many pests), can be a part of it. With all that in mind, people can make an ant killer solution at home using the following steps:

Mix baking soda and powdered sugar together

It's close to the borax ant trap; mix baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate), water, and icing sugar, then place it to designated bait stations. This homemade ant trap may not work well like borax solutions, but this simple combination is a safer alternative when concerned about pets and children.

Use a cornmeal paste

Some types of ants may consume cornmeal paste. Although some may have read online that cornmeal will block an ant's digestive tract, it is not the case. However, with cornmeal on hand, a person can make a paste and add a tablespoon of borax to kill the ants.

White vinegar (or Apple Cider Vinegar) and water mixture

Fill a sprayer halfway with an equal mix of vinegar and water (50-50 vinegar and 50-50 water). Spray the solution on the ants and their entire colonies.

Diatomaceous earth

It is sand formed from fossilized diatom shells (small sea animals or aquatic organisms). Diatomaceous earth is classified into two categories. One is food-grade, while the other is used for pool washing and incorporates insecticides that may be toxic to pets. Scatter food-grade diatomaceous earth all over ant-infested places. It kills ants by digesting and drying the oil on their outer layer.

Ant repellent spray with a liquid dish soap solution

Combine a cup of water, dish soap, and tea tree oil. A person can either leave it or place it in a spray bottle and directly spray it on ants. The oil will entice the ants, but the soap will kill them. The oil draws some ants, but not all of them. Another advantage is that soapy water mixture destroys the scented pheromone trail left by ants.

Sugar and borax paste

Borax is poisonous to ants and an efficient ant killer; it is available in supermarkets. To disintegrate the mixture, make a borax paste (one part) and sugar (three parts) and dissolve them into the water. Then, place it in a bottle or another canister. Ants are drawn to this sweet paste, which they will bring to the queen. It has the potential to wipe out a whole ant colony.

Ants are also enticed and removed by spreading a combination of borax (available in drug stores) and corn syrup on wax paper or plastic wrap. When working with borax, wear gloves and keep it away from children and pets. 

A few sprays kill ants instantly, while others kill them slowly, allowing them to get to their nest before dying. Other household items that can serve as ant repellants or killers include:

  • Pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Neem oil 
  • Tea tree oil

If these homemade ant killers do not work, purchasing an ant spray from a grocery store is also advisable, and make sure to use an ant-targeting one. Read the directions on the packaging to ensure that it will not harm anyone or the pets' health.

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When To Consult a Professional Regarding Ant Problems?

For using ant traps properly, people should first determine which type of ant invades the house. However, it can be a challenging task since there are plenty of ant species in California, most of which appear similar. 

In the meantime, it is normal for remarkably similar ant species to feed on vastly different food sources. Also, it's critical to note if an active infestation includes an ant nest in or out of the household, but determining that frequently necessitates expert help. 

When having a significant number of ants in the house, it may not be worth the expense to try to eliminate them independently. If ant baits and traps are ineffective, the issue may worsen and become costly to solve in the long run. Working with an experienced ant control company, such as Pinnacle Pest Control, is cheap and straightforward.

End Your Pest Problems With Pinnacle Pest Control

When the homemade ant killers mentioned above don't work and have been meticulous about removing dust and leftover bait and tried other pro tips on eliminating ants, it's time to ask for professional help if they're still coming back. Keeping ants out of residences is a continuous cycle, never a one-time treatment. Since each home is unique, Pinnacle Pest Control will create a customized program for clients' needs. 

Our expert pest management technicians are well-versed in everything, including bed bug inspection to ant elimination. Check our website to learn more about our services and see the positive pest control feedback from our loyal clients. Contact us today to know the best service suitable for your needs.

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