What's The Best Bait For Mouse Traps?

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Setting up mouse traps in multiple areas of your home is a great way to eliminate the pests and prevent them from coming back. However, it is not enough to set up the traps and hope that they decide to talk into them. You must also pair it with bait that is attractive enough to get them curious and bring them closer.

Due to its popularity in TV shows, most homeowners may automatically associate mice with cheese. Surprisingly enough, it is not the most ideal bait you can use since mice usually prefer nuts and seeds as the smell of these strongly attracts them.

The top 3 baits to add on top of your mouse traps are:

#1 Peanut Butter

Mice absolutely love peanut butter and are easily drawn to its smell and texture. It is also more convenient on the homeowner’s end because compared to harder types of bait that mice can easily swipe off the trap; peanut butter actually requires them to step on. Because it has such a spreadable consistency, a small amount can go a long way in terms of coverage area.

Once the mouse detects the smell of peanut butter and goes for the bait, they will be forced to stick around in order to actually eat it, which heightens the likelihood of the trap activating and trapping the pests.

#2 Nuts and Seeds


As mentioned, mice are primarily nut and seed eaters. While peanut butter serves as the softer version, laying out actual grains can also work. Because there is a higher chance of smart mice simply swiping it away, this type of bait works best for cage traps.

We suggest trying sunflower seeds since mice are known to enjoy gnawing and chewing on them.

#3 Meat

Meat is very high in protein, which triggers the mouse’s heightened sense of smell. Even little pieces can already do the trick and successfully lure them in. We suggest positioning the piece of meat towards the back or middle of the trap to ensure there is enough wiggle room for the pest to get caught.

Tried and Tested Suggestions For Setting Up Mouse Traps

#1 Mask Your Own Scent

Mice are very sensitive to smell and taste. If you use your bare hand to set up the trap, they will be able to detect that and may even smell your scent in the area. This can deter them from going to the trap. Because of this, we highly recommend masking your own scent by wearing gloves.

#2 Do Not Use Too Much

It may seem like a great idea to fill up the trap with bait but in fact, this makes it easier for mice to swipe it and run away. Use only a tiny amount in order to draw them closer.

#3 Try Materials

Mice are also easily lured by cotton, dental floss, yarn, twine, and other materials used to make nests. If the bait does not work, you can try these out instead (or in addition)!

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