Is Quarterly Pest Control Worth It?

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There are a lot of benefits you can gain from getting routine pest control. Not only does it ensure your house stays clean and free of certain toxins, but it also helps keep you and your loved ones safe.

If you are considering getting a quarterly session done, there are two things to assess if it is really necessary:

#1 The weather of the area you live in

The weather in your area can greatly influence the way bugs act and reproduce. You can expect to see more of them during hot and humid seasons, as well as during rainy weather.

Moreover, you can tell a lot about what kind of pests you’re in for by where you live. For instance, termites are widely common in the south while rats and cockroaches are more common in huge cities such as New York or Chicago.

Lastly, if you live in a multifamily home or in an apartment complex wherein various living quarters are so close to one another, the risk of pests spreading from one home to the next can be rapid if no one pays close attention.

#2 If you have had a history of pest infestation

Is it becoming commonplace for your home to get recurring pest infestations? Have you noticed if there is a specific kind of breed that tends to reappear regularly? Chances are, your home is extra prone to them.

This could be due to the area surrounding your home, the weather, the amount of garbage in nearby areas, and more factors.

Benefits of a quarterly pest control treatment

If the two factors above apply to you and your current situation, then a quarterly treatment may be just what your home needs. There are multiple benefits that you stand to gain by booking those sessions, such as:

#1 Your pest control expert is trained to detect early signs of pest infestations

A lot of serious pest control issues could have been prevented if the early signs of pest problems had been addressed. However, knowing exactly what to look for is a skill one can learn only through experience, training, and vast research.

By securing a quarterly treatment, you benefit from having a pest control expert regularly assess and inspect for any breeding, and eliminate minor issues before they intensify.

#2 You save on pest control in the long run

Through preventative maintenance, you can drastically save on pest control costs compared to having to spend on repair and treatment only once the damage has been done.

#3 You gain better health and peace of mind

Of all the ways we try to prevent illness and health issues, preventative pest control is one of the things we can do to put our minds at ease and rid our private spaces of toxins.

Furthermore, having a set budget and schedule to keep this routine going can prevent you from unplanned expenses should an infestation arise.

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