Pest Control Vs. Exterminator: What’s the Difference?

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Pest Control Vs. Exterminator: What’s the Difference?

There are several ways to address pest infestations, and one of the most effective methods to do so is to call for pest control or an exterminator. Although the two services may seem similar, there are actually significant differences homeowners have to consider before choosing who to call for the problem. 

So what are the differences between professional pest control and extermination? A pest control team addresses an infestation by changing the conditions that attracted pests to your property, while an exterminator uses pesticides and chemicals to eliminate pests. 

Pest Control Vs. Exterminator

Pest control and exterminators generally have the same goal -- to eliminate pests. Because of this, it can be tricky to decide who to call when you have an infestation since they seem to do the same job. However, there are differences between the two services which include the following:

1. Objective

Pest Control: A pest control’s objective is to eliminate the pests and keep them away for good, providing a long-term solution to the problem. It’s also in a pest control’s objective to remove pests in a way that isn’t toxic for the environment. They know more about the kind of pests they’re dealing with so they’re able to create more customized and effective solutions. 

Exterminator: An exterminator’s main and only goal is to kill the pests and can only provide a temporary solution to the problem. They’re there to exterminate, so they don’t always dive deeper into the problem and address the root of the infestation. 

2. Methods

Pest Control: Pest control services learn and know more about what kind of pests are in your property before eliminating them. They also conduct thorough inspections of your home to provide more effective solutions to the problem. Pest control services usually use more eco-friendly methods, so they tend to use non-toxic chemicals with no pungent odors. Additionally they come up with preventative maintenance to help prevent any re-infestations from happening. 

Exterminator: Unlike pest control, exterminators usually rely on commercial pesticides or insecticides to eliminate pests. They can also spray special chemicals like pyrethrins and pyrethroids to remove different kinds of pests inside a property. 

3. Knowledge

Pest Control: Pest control is a more thorough method of eliminating pests since they have extensive knowledge about the pests and the technology used for removing them. For example, if they are dealing with bugs and insects they will learn about the bug or insect’s habits to effectively eliminate them. They also make it a point to continuously learn about new technology and go through several training sessions and seminars to provide better services.

Exterminator: Though exterminators know about pests, their knowledge isn’t extensive enough to provide homeowners with customized solutions. Exterminators lack the necessary knowledge and training to help prevent infestations in the first place. 

4. Client Relationships

Pest Control: For most pest control services, they build strong relationships with their clients to provide more effective solutions. Pest control services address the root of the problem and treat a property like it’s their own. Some contracts also state that they will point to come back if ever the pests return within a specific period of time.

Exterminator: Many exterminators also don’t feel responsible for any damages caused by their pest elimination methods. Additionally, exterminators don’t guarantee that the pests are gone forever. For example, if some pests like bed bugs and termites can easily come back, there is no guarantee that the exterminator will return.  

The table below simplifies the differences between the two services:

CategoryPest ControlExtermination
ObjectivePest control eliminates pests and keeps them away for a long time. They get to the root of the problem and provide long-term solutions for the infestation. An exterminator’s main objective is to kill pests. However, they only provide temporary solutions because they fail to address the root of the problem. 
MethodsBefore attempting to eliminate pests in your property, pest control technicians learn about the kinds of pests that they have to remove. They use more eco-friendly solutions so that there is less harm done to the environment. Exterminators usually use chemicals to eliminate pests. They fumigate the area with commercial pesticides or special chemicals. 
Knowledge They have more extensive knowledge about pests and the technology available to eliminate them. Pest control experts and technicians go through extensive training to provide effective solutions. Though exterminators know about pests, they don’t have the necessary knowledge to provide preventative maintenance for their clients. 
Client RelationshipsPest control technicians treat a property like it’s their own. They guarantee effective service, so they will also come back in the event of a reinfestation.  Exterminations are usually a one-time job so you’ll have to call for another exterminator if the pests come back. 

Should I Choose Pest Control or Extermination? 

Based on the information above, there are more benefits to pest control because of their methods of eliminating pests. Since exterminators tend to use chemicals, their way of eliminating pests can be toxic to humans, pets, and even the environment. 

And because pests are still part of the ecosystem, it’s important to eliminate them in a non-toxic way to prevent damage to the environment. This makes pest control generally a better and safer option than extermination. Unlike extermination, pest control provides long-term solutions and uses little to no chemicals during the process. 

Pest Control with Pinnacle Pest Control

Calling for pest control is the most effective solution to eliminate any bugs, insects, termites, or rodents. Here at Pinnacle Pest Control, we provide professional pest control services to all our clients in Northern California. Our team has experts and technicians who conduct thorough inspections of your property to effectively eliminate almost all kinds of pests. 

We utilize the latest technology in pest control and even provide you with further suggestions on how to prevent re-infestations. Pinnacle Pest Control promises the best services so you don’t have to deal with any kind of pests at home anymore. You may give us a call today to know more about our services. 

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