8 Tips: How to Keep Mice Out of the Shed

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When mice and rats find their way into your property, one of the places they tend to find shelter in is the storage shed. This can cause several damages to objects stored in the shed, and the rodents can even make their way into your home. 

So what are the different ways to keep mice and rats out of the storage shed? The following tips can help keep the pests away: 

  1. Seal the shed
  2. Organize your tools
  3. Remove nesting sources
  4. Clear the area of food and water sources
  5. Use traps
  6. Use rodent repellents
  7. Recruit predators
  8. Clean your garden

How to Keep Mice Out of Sheds

There are various factors that attract mice to your shed, and it’s best to learn about these factors to know why the rodents are staying in your place. Always remember that prevention is better than having to eliminate the rodents when they’ve already infested the place and have done significant damage. Here are some the best tips to keep mice out of storage sheds: 

1. Seal the Shed

One of the best ways to keep mice out sheds is to seal any access points the mice have into the storage shed. The creatures can squeeze themselves into tiny, dime-sized holes and cracks. Inspect your shed for any access points in the walls and roof that allow the rodents to enter. A great tip to check whether the space is large enough is to do the pencil test: if a pencil can fit in the gap, then a mouse can enter. 

Before attempting to seal any crack or gaps in the shed, it’s important to remember that mice have very sharp teeth that can chew through almost any surface or material. Because of this, you have to choose a material that’s strong and sturdy enough to seal your shed effectively. Some of the materials that can seal cracks and gaps are the following: 

  • Caulk and steel wool compound: When mixed together, caulk and steel wool create a compound that effectively seals any cracks or gaps inside that you find in the storage shed. This compound can smooth out almost any surface, making it difficult for the rodents to chew through. 
  • Silicone: Silicone is another great product that can seal gaps in the storage shed. There are a variety of silicone sealants available on the market and they’re typically weather and water-resistant, so it’s great for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Wire mesh:  Use a wire mesh for larger spaces like doors and windows that silicone or a caulk and steel wool compound can’t seal. It’s best to place a wire mesh or sheet metal on these spaces so that air can still circulate inside the storage shed.
  • Other strong materials: Aside from the materials and products stated above, you may also use a variety of strong materials to seal gaps in the shed. Strong concrete, metals, glass, and thick plastic are just some materials that can help prevent infestations from happening.

2. Organize Your Tools

You’re storing several objects inside the shed which can become pretty disorganized over time. Since rats and mice love clutter, your unorganized tools can be the cause for an infestation. Store and organize tools properly in heavy duty plastic boxes that can be bought from a hardware store. Whenever you’re using tools, return it properly so that no mess forms inside the shed.    

3. Remove Nesting Sources

Rodents are attracted to spaces that encourage them to nest and burrow, including the clutter in your shed. Stacks of boxes, paper and wood are some of the materials that can entice the rodents to stay in the area. Here are some tips to prevent the storage shed from becoming cluttered:

  • Deep clean your shed regularly: It’s easy to pile up objects inside a storage shed, so set some time to go through your shed and deep clean the stored items.
  • Dispose of unnecessary items right away: Before storing items in your shed, throw away anything that you don’t need like any excess packaging that comes with it.
  • Use alternatives: Instead of storing your things inside cardboard boxes, use other storage alternatives like heavy duty plastic boxes with tight lids. This prevents the mice from going inside the boxes or chewing on the cardboard. 

4. Clear the Area of Food and Water Sources

Food and water found inside your storage shed can help mice survive and breed. Mice are known to feed on almost any kind of food they find, but there are other kinds of food that the rodents prefer more than others like the following:

  • Nuts or any byproducts
  • Grains or seeds 
  • Chocolate and candies
  • Salty snacks 
  • Meat
  • Pet food

You can prevent rats and mice from entering the storage shed by storing food indoors instead. But if you prefer to keep the food inside your shed, it’s best to place and store the food inside airtight containers or glass jars to keep the rodents from gnawing through your food. 

Additionally, remember to empty any glasses or bowls of water to deprive the rodents of any water sources. Since mice can live on an ounce of water a day, any puddles, bird baths, or even pools provide great water sources for them. 

5. Use Traps

Setting up traps around your storage shed can also prevent rats and mice from coming in and causing damage. There are different kinds of traps available on the market like the snap trap, electronic trap, glue board, and catch and release bait. To make the traps more effective in catching mice, try the following tips: 

  • Check the trap regularly: It’s important to check your trap regularly to ensure that your bait is fresh and enticing for the rodents. Checking the trap regularly also helps you confirm whether the trap has caught or killed any rats or mice.  
  • Handle bait properly: A common mistake that people do when using traps is handling baits incorrectly. When handling bait with bare hands, there is a chance that the bait becomes “contaminated” with a human scent. This causes the mice to avoid the bait, making your trap ineffective.
  • Use plenty of traps: One trap isn’t going to do the job, so place plenty of traps around the shed to increase the likelihood of catching more mice. You should also use a variety of traps, so you can test out which kind of trap works better than others.
  • Clean the trap: Since the rats and mices have a strong sense of smell, they can most likely figure out whether a rodent has died on the trap causing them to avoid the device. To prevent this, clean the trap with a commercial disinfectant or bleach solution to remove the scent of dead rodents. 

6. Use Rodent Repellents

Aside from setting up traps around the storage shed, it’s also recommended to use some rodent repellents to keep rats and mice away. There are also several repellents available on the market to help you with the problem. Some of these products to choose from include the following:

  • Peppermint Oil: Peppermint is a strong scent that irritates a mouse’s sense of smell. To use this product as a repellent, dip a cotton ball or a rag in the peppermint oil and place it around the shed. You can also dilute peppermint oil in water and transfer the solution into a spray bottle to create some peppermint DIY peppermint spray.
  • Kitchen ingredients: Some kitchen ingredients like onions, chili, garlic, and cayenne pepper also have strong smells, making it great mice repellents. You can place these ingredients around the shed, but remember to replace them once they rot to ensure its effectiveness.   
  • Commercial repellents: Placing commercial repellents around the shed is an easy and affordable method to repel the pests. However, be careful when using commercial repellents since this product usually contains poison and chemicals. This can be hazardous to kids and other pets, so carefully read and follow the instruction label before using this kind of product.
  • Electronic repellents: Just like commercial repellents, you can easily buy electronic repellents on the market. The device is effective in keeping away mice since it emits an ultrasonic sound that the pests find irritating. Some electronic repellents can also help repel other pests like bugs, insects, and other rodents.

7. Recruit Predators

Recruiting predators is an eco-friendly way to keep mice out of the shed because you’re just letting nature take its course. You can keep the following animals as pets to help control the mice population: 

  • Cats: Cats are the most popular predators of mice. Although cats won’t necessarily kill mice, having them around can help scare the pests away.
  • Terriers: Dogs like Jack Russel Terriers were specifically bred to chase down rodents. They’re quick and agile, making them great pets to have when you have a rodent infestation.
  • Owls: Owls are great if you have a huge infestation since the birds can hunt upto a dozen mice per night. They are also nocturnal creatures like mice, increasing their chances of catching the pests. 

8. Clean Your Garden

One of the best ways to prevent rat and mice infestations in the storage shed is to clean your garden regularly. Here are some tips to help guarantee a rodent-free garden: 

  • Trim the plants: Long tree limbs and grass invite the rodents to your garden and can even lead them indoors. Make it a habit to maintain a clean garden by trimming the plants, trees, and grass. If you have any fruit or vegetables growing in the garden, harvest them as soon as possible so the rats or mice don’t feed on it.
  • Clear up woodpiles: Woodpiles can provide mice with shelter, so clear up any wood piles that form in your garden. When storing wood for the colder seasons, keep the wood off the ground to make it less accessible.
  • Clean up bird seeds: A bird feeder in your garden could be the culprit for a rodent infestation. Sweep or pick up any bird seeds that fall on the ground to prevent mice from staying in your garden.
  • Throw away trash properly: Segregate your trash and throw it away in a covered trash bin to prevent mice from rummaging through it. Replace your trash bin right away once it begins to have any holes and cracks.

Mice Control at Pinnacle Pest Control

Whether you’re dealing with a mice or rat infestation indoors or outdoors, the best way to eliminate the rodents is to call for professional pest control. Here at Pinnacle Pest Control, we provide professional rodent control services to clients in areas of Northern California. 

Our team promises excellent service by thoroughly inspecting your place of any mice and rats and using the latest technology to help eliminate the rats and mice. We also help you further prevent rodent infestations through suggesting various procedures and measures you can do. You may give us a call to know more about us and how we can help you.  

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