How to Control Ants Inside the House

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Ants are a widespread home pest. With over 1,000 types of ants in the U.S., most households may encounter an ant infestation at some point. Nobody loves sharing space with pests, whether a trail of tiny black ants moving toward the kitchen or giant carpenter ants residing on your deck. Our team at Pinnacle Pest Control provides professional ant control services to help you eliminate these unwanted house guests. In this post, we'll provide our top suggestions for getting rid of ants.

Home Remedies For Naturally Eliminating Ants From Your Home

Baking Soda or Borax

Ants and baking soda do not get along. Baking soda and borax both kill ants when consumed. For optimal results, combine equal quantities of baking soda or borax for ants and confectioner's sugar in a shallow container accessible to ants.

White Vinegar

If you discover ants in your home, make a 50-50 vinegar-water solution and wipe them away. This kills existing ants while repelling future ants by leaving a lingering vinegar aroma that acts as a natural ant repellent.

Boric Acid

Boric acid kills worker ants and the colony's queen in three weeks. Make a solution with ½ teaspoon boric acid, eight teaspoons sugar, and one cup of warm water to utilize it efficiently. Soak cotton balls in a solution of boric acid and place these balls where you've seen ant activity, such as along window sills or baseboards.


Ants use their sense of smell to traverse the environment, and pepper scent irritates them. Sprinkle ground black or red pepper along your baseboards and behind appliances to stop them from entering your home.

While there are more remedies to repel ants, seeking a professional pest control expert can help you get rid of pesky ants quickly and effectively. By calling us, you will save time and money while preventing future infestations.

How Do Pest Control Experts Eliminate Ants?

Our team takes ant infestations seriously, and we'll do everything we can to identify the source of a problem, assess it, and create an effective solution.

1. Inspection

The first step is for us to thoroughly inspect your property. During this step, we'll figure out what kind of ants you have, where they're coming from, and the best way to deal with them. We'll also discover and eliminate any probable food sources.

2. Monitoring

Even if you notice individual ants in your home or yard, the colony is most likely larger than you realize. We'll keep an eye on ant activity to see where they're coming from and where the main colony is. We'll trace the ants back to the colony, locate access sites in the structure, and identify all known hives or colonies to ensure we get rid of all the ants.

3. Control

Finally, we install carefully crafted baits in secret locations that the ants will consume and return to the hive. We will occasionally administer carefully directed sprays along the trail of ants that they will follow back to the hive. The goal is to eliminate all ants once and for all by killing the queen and her progeny.

At Pinnacle Pest Control, we know how to deal with ants. We've seen it all, from the common household ant to the crazy fire ant. We truly understand that every home and business is different and will tailor our approach to each situation.

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