A Guide to Termite Control for New Homeowners

If you’ve recently bought a house — especially an older one, though any house may be affected — then you need to know about termite control. If you’re going to protect your investment in your property, it’s important that you understand what termites are, the damage they cause, the signs of termite damage and how […]

Have humans helped produce a super termite?

A new study published in the science journal Plos One suggests that human activity may have unintentionally caused the creation of a destructive hybrid termite. In their research article Hybridization of Two Major Termite Invaders as a Consequence of Human Activity, the University of Florida authors’ detail how two different species of termites, both very destructive, have mated to […]

Fast, Professional Response Keeps Rat Problems from Growing

Although we’re enjoying (or cursing) unseasonably warm weather in Sacramento this fall, eventually cooler weather and rain (if we’re lucky) will set in for the winter. The cooler weather drives rats and mice indoors, looking for a warm, dry place to nest and raise their young. That’s why at this time of year calls from […]