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Beware Black Widow in Hidden Spaces

Some 35,000 named species of spiders occupy Planet Earth, scientists say, and many thousands more have yet to be identified and named. Of those, some 3,500 species are native to North America. Yet remarkably few of those spider species are poisonous to humans. In California, including here in Sacramento, the spider that poses the greatest […]

Why Pest Control Isn’t a DIY Kind of Project

There are plenty of fun and interesting do-it-yourself (DIY) projects for homeowners during the spring time, from giving your walls a fresh coat of paint to revamping your landscaping. However, even if you’re the most adventurous or skilled DIY-er, some jobs are just better left up to the professionals, and one of those jobs is […]

A Guide to Termite Control for New Homeowners

If you’ve recently bought a house — especially an older one, though any house may be affected — then you need to know about termite control. If you’re going to protect your investment in your property, it’s important that you understand what termites are, the damage they cause, the signs of termite damage and how […]